What is Quality Control : Quality control (QC) is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client or customer. QC is similar to, but not identical with, quality assurance. While QA refers to the confirmation that specified requirements have been met by a product or service, QC refers to the actual inspection of these elements.

QA is sometimes expressed together with QC as a single expression: quality assurance and control (QA/QC).

 To standardize production and to maintain a quick and effective reaction to quality issues, these controls play a major role. It limits the room for error, especially in manufacturing. 

In order to deliver a good quality product, It is required to process Quality Checks before completing production. The product must be passed through various quality checks at different stages of production. 

Odoo Quality Module : Odoo v15 provides a quality module that consists of Control Points, Checks, and Alerts that enrich product quality. The Odoo 15 Quality module focuses on Quality checks, Alerts, teams, Products variants, and Control Points. You can manage all these activities in a single system using the Odoo 15 Quality module.

In this blog we will discuss complete details about the Quality Management module of Odoo. 

Odoo V15 Quality Control Management : To use this module, first you have to install this from the Odoo Apps.

Install this module via clicking on install button. When it will installed it will show you in Odoo database, for reference you can see the screenshot below.

When you click on the Quality Module icon you will come to the dashboard of Quality Module. 

Once We open a quality module in Odoo, We can see the Kanban view of the Quality module with the Quality Teams. Kanban and List view of the dashboard is visible for the user. Odoo Quality module consists of an overview of teams, Quality control, Products, reporting and Configuration tabs in the dashboard. We can create Quality Control points, Products, Products variants, Alerts, and Checks through this module. For reference you can see the screenshot above.

Quality Team : If you need more than one Quality Team then you can easily create it. To create a quality team go to the Quality module dashboard and click on the configuration tab and you will see the option of Quality team, so click on that option.

Quality Module > Dashboard > Configuration > Quality Team.

Click on the “Create Button” to create a new Quality Team. When you click on the create button a new window will appear. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

Fill in all the details and save the form. This is how your new Quality team creates. Now it will show you with the Main Quality Team. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

Now We can see two teams of Quality in the overview of the Kanban view.

Quality Control Points : The different stages to check products available in Quality Control Points can measure the product quality from here. Automatically trigger quality checks for the manufacturing department. This takes place during delivery order transfer, Receiving order, Transfer, or during manufacturing procedures of products.

To go to the Quality Control Points come to the dashboard of Quality Module and click on the Quality Control tab and from the drop down menu you can select the Control Points.

Quality Module > Dashboard > Quality Control > Control Points

Now click on the Control points. The List view of the Quality Control Points window shows the Reference Number, Title, Product name, Operations, Company, type, and Team details. You can add a custom field using the three-dot button at the right end of the window. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

The Kanban view represents the records of Operations and Products of all materials in a single window. A piece of detailed information is visible by clicking on the reference number.

How to create new Quality Control Points : With the help of “Create Button” you can create new Quality Control Points. Now click on the “Create Button” and a new window will appear. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

This is the Form where you can create Quality Control Points.

Title : Name of the Control point.

Product : Select the product you want to check quality in odoo quality management.

Product Variant : Add variant if product has any.

Operation : Select the operation you are creating control points for. Example: 

  • Delivery : Define quality check at the time of Product delivery. 
  • Receipts : Define quality check at the time of Product receipt.  
  • Manufacturing : Define quality check at the time of Product manufacture.
  • Pos Orders : Define quality check at the time of the product POS order.
  • Returns : Define quality check at the time of product return

Control Type : Here we can mention at what intervals we need to do quality checks in our business. i.e  For All Operations, Randomly and Periodically.

Type : Define some types of quality check. 

  • Take a Picture : This instructs to take and add a picture of the product at any given stage of manufacturing or transfer. The quality check for the product will now have an option to add a picture. 
  • Pass or Fail : The specific pass or fail criteria are defined and the quality control is done based on the criteria. We can enter a fail message if the product does not meet the specific criteria. 
  • Measure : We can ask for the product to be measured as well as set a norm and tolerance criteria. This would allow us to ensure that the measurement criteria are met. We can also provide a tolerance range within which measurement is acceptable. We can provide a message for quality check failure, similar to the pass-fail type. 
  • Instruction : It allows the employers or managers to provide instructions to workers regarding the product. For example, we can remind packaging to use ‘handle with care’ stickers for fragile products.

Team : Define Team for Quality Check. 

Responsible : Define Responsible person for Quality operation. 

At the end of the page, You can add Instructions, Message If Failure, and Notes regarding the quality check. Save your Changes after adding all this information about Quality Control Points.

When you click on the save button, your form will be saved and now you can edit this if you need any changes.

Now if you want to see how it works then create a sales order for the cheese burger. I have created a new sale order, for reference you can see the screenshot below.

Now click on the “Delivery Button” as highlighted in the screenshot above. Now you will come to the new window as shown in the screenshot below.

Now you will see the “Quality Checks Button” that appears to proceed to the quality check you configured before in Odoo V15 Quality Management Module.

When you click on the “Quality Checks Button”, the instruction window will popup to set the control point as shown in the screenshot below.

When you click on the Pass button your quality is checked. And you will come to the new window as you can see in the screenshot below.

Quality Alert : The services, delivery, and manufacturing orders are maintained through Odoo 15 Quality Alerts. It acts as a reminder to check product quality for employees. You can find Quality Alert under the Quality control tab. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

When you click on the Quality Alert you will come to the new page. The view of the Quality Alerts come into different stages like New, Action proposed, and confirmed. 

The List view represents the Product, Name, Team, Work center, Date Assigned, Responsible person, Company, and Check. You can see a detailed picture of the Quality Alert of a particular product by clicking on the title of each name. The three-dot button at the end assists in adding more custom fields to the existing ones. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

How to Create a new Quality Alert : Click on the Create Button and a new window will open. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

Title : Define the title of the alert.

Product and product variant : It will automatically fill by clicking the quality alert of that product.

Lot :  Define the lot number of the product.

Team :  Here we have to mention the quality check team here.

Root Cause :  Define the main reason or cause of the quality check fails i.e Parts Quality, Defective parts etc.

Description : We can add some description about the quality issues.

Corrective actions : Here we can mention the corrective actions by which we can solve this issue.

Preventive actions :  Here we can mention the preventive actions by which we can prevent this issue

You can see created Quality Alert by its corresponding quality team

  • New Stage : When New Alert Will come it will be in New Stage 
  • Confirmed Stage : When the Alert is verified by team then it will go to confirmed stage and it is easy to Drag & Drop to any stage 
  • Action Proposed : Once Corrective action proposed it will go to “Action Proposed” stage
  • Solved : At the last once issue has been solved, It will go to “Solved” Stage 

As per business operation we can create stages and even delete it if it is not required.

After entering all data in the New Quality Alerts window, click on the Save button to create a new alert. Your new Alert is visible in the Quality Alerts window along with existing ones.

Quality Checks : You find this under the Quality Control tab. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

When you click on the Quality checks you will see the list of Quality checks which are already created as shown below.

You can create a new Quality check or you can select one from the list. Here I am selecting the highlighted one as shown in the above image.

From the above image you can see that it’s in the passed stage.

This is how you can use the Quality Management Module in Odoo V15. If you like to read more blogs written by us click on the Planet-Odoo

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