Dec 27, 2021

User guide of Coupons and Promotion Program in Odoo V15 POS Module


This blog is about the user guide of “Coupons and Promotion Program” in Odoo V15 POS Module.

POS Coupons and Promotion Program : This Application provides functionality to apply Promotional Coupon code & Promotional Program on Point of Sale.

In marketing, coupons are the tickets or documents that can be redeemed for financial discounts. Same as that in Odoo, Coupons in odoo15 and Promotions are used to generate limited discounts for the customers. A sales coupon is a code that can be used only for one time. 

Those customers that have been lured away by your competitors will start buying from you again when you give them a good reason to do so. They feel special and privileged to get voucher codes for discounts to be applied on the cart. Voucher allows you to generate codes, which can be used to provide flat or percentage based discounts on a customer’s order. It will be applicable on the storefront checkout. Coupon codes and Promotions are used to increase the sales of a business team.

Below are some features of Odoo POS Coupons and Promotion Program.

  • Provide options to apply coupon and promotion codes on Sales, E-Commerce and Point of Sale.
  • Apply Promotional Coupon code & Promotional Program directly from Point of Sale Screen.
  • Promotional Coupon / Promotional Program is directly applied on POS Invoice.
  • POS promotional coupon is directly generated with receipt from POS machine, which could be applied on next order.
  • On generating promotional coupons, email will be sent to customers to avail discount benefits.
  • Warning message will appear if the coupon is used before or expired.
  • Detailed Warnings are provided for Point of Sale.
  • Statistical reports can be generated for Promotional coupons and promotion programs.

Now it’s time to talk about how to use the coupons in odoo 15 and the promotions in our Odoo sales.

Configuration and usage of Promotion Program : The Promotion and Coupon programs can be activated and configured from the settings of the PoS module.

  1. To activate this you have to install the POS Module first.
  2. Go to the settings of POS Module from configuration, as you can see in the screenshot below.
  1. Now you have to enable coupons and promotions from the pricing section of the POS setting.

After this configuration you can see that coupons and promotion programs are configured and you can see them in the “product category” on POS. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

Now click on the promotion programs from product category tab, after this a page will appear for you to view and analyse the promotional programs as shown below.

From the above screenshot you can see that 3 promotion programs are already created,and by clicking the Create button, we can create new Coupon programs. Now you can see the form to create Coupon Program, for reference you can see the screenshot below.

From above two screenshots you can set the Condition of the coupon and the discount amount. There are two options in the Apply Discount Filed. To mention the discount based on percentage or the fixed amount. In the Reward section, we can set the coupon as either Discount or Free product. Now you can save this form. And after this you can see the new promotion program created by you in the promotion program list, for reference you can see the screenshot below.

Coupons Program : Odoo will assist the business to generate coupons and manage coupons in an advanced manner. You can access this Coupons program from the Product Tab of POS dashboard, as you can see in the below screenshot.

When you click on the Coupon Program you will see the list of Coupons Programs which are already created. As you can see from the screenshot below right now there is only one coupon program.

Now click on the create button to configure the new coupon program. When you click on the create button, the form will open. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

Name: Name of the Coupon.

Conditions: The condition is set based on the product. A user can select the product for which the coupon has to be issued by using the EDIT DOMAIN. In the below-given image, we have set the condition as Can be sold. That means all products that can be sold will get the coupon benefit. When you click on the EDIT DOMAIN the form will be open for set, you can edit this form and change according to your needs. For reference you can see the below screenshot.

Quantity: Quantity implies the units to be purchased to get the benefit of the coupon.

Minimum Purchase of : This field indicates the minimum amount that a customer has to use for purchase to get a coupon

Company: The name of the company

Validity: To enable a coupon, the user will have to publish it on a website. The validity period for the coupon can beset her. This can be set in days.

Reward : A business can set three types of rewards. 

Discount: The reward in the form of a discount amount.  On selecting the Discount option, the operator will also have a percentage of the discount.

Discount Apply : This another feature. Odoo supports the user to apply discounts on an order or a specific product. It also helps the user to give discounts on the cheapest product.

If a user wants to avail the discount on specific products then he has to add the details of the product as given below screenshot.

Free Product: Reward in the form of a free product. In this case, the free product also has to be mentioned.

Free shipping: The user will not have to shell out money as a shipping charge.

After this form filling you can generate the coupon from here, for reference you can see the screenshot below.

When you click on the “GENERATE COUPON” the new window pops up. From here you can generate the number of coupons.

Here, the user will have to add the number of coupons to be generated or the number of selected customers. Then the user can click on Generate Button.

Whatever the number of coupons we selected will be reflected in the coupons. Right now we have selected 1, so in the coupon section 1 will be reflected as you can see in the screenshot below.

When clicking on the coupon icon the user can get the details of the coupon.

As we have selected only 1 coupon, we have the details of only 1 coupon as well.

If you click on the coupon you can send the email to the customer.

From here you can compose mail and send it to the customer.

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