- Case Study -

About the company:

Turtle Turbines generates Green Power that is commercially viable.
They are also delivering reliable cogeneration solutions at sub-MW power levels. Skinner’s Steam Turbine
technology is time-tested and matured to perfection over the last 150 years since its inception.
They work closely with all Boiler Manufacturers, Process Plant OEMs and
Engineering Consultants to deliver seamless Cogeneration Solutions and to meet
the customers’ critical engineering standards and plant safety norms. PLC-based, automated Turbine Controls
accommodate varying steam flows and power demands. Automatic synchronization with the electrical grid and
Diesel Generators (DG). Unique Power Protect* schemes can retain customers’ critical loads on
turbine power even when the grid fails, avoiding blackouts and associated
production losses.


1. Sales
2. Purchases 
3. Accounting & Invoicing
4. Manufacturing
5. Inventory 
6. Contacts 
7. Maintenance
8. Repairs



  • Material Consumed Report and Tab.
    • Created a tab in the manufacturing module which keeps the
      tracks of material which are consumed from the “Consumed
      Materials” tab. Every time the material quantity is approved
      by the company manager, after approval, a report is generated
      which shows which material is consumed, by whom, when it is
      consumed & the quantity of material consumed.
  •  Sub-Contracting.
    • Created a Subcontracting module which keeps the track of the
      products which are present at the vendor location for sub
    • Created a separate tab for Sub-Contracting which contains
      fields such as Product (which is going to be subcontracted), Price,
      Vendor and Vendor Location.
    • As soon as the work orders are generated, it shows the
      SubContracting information, with the base information tabs.
    • Sub contracted products are delivered at the vendor location,
      then the work order is started.
    • For delivery of the products at the Vendor location, we have
      created a custom stock move