Services for telecom companies

Systems with builtin business, and customer management
solutions that work great with telecom companies.


The telecommunications sector has to deal with a hectic schedule in order to stay competitive. With all the international
rules and companies, to increase profitability they need to meet client’s demands and provide reliable communication technology. 

This industry faces a lot of challenges in management due to which a decrement in profitability is
experienced by them in highly unstable marketplaces. Currently, the scenario is that the customer demands a
high-quality service at the lowest price and switches his service providers frequently when unsatisfied. 

The ongoing changes in marketing and technologies require telecoms to have management software that
allows them to understand their operations and accomplish the landmarks of opportunities.

How can we help?

Planet-Odoo provides Odoo ERP solution to telecommunication companies that advances
optimization of workflow and enhances overall improvement in any area of this industry.

 Odoo ERP software served by Planet-Odoo prosperously allows companies to remain technologically and economically
viable and seize various market opportunities as soon as they arise. The high hour for this industry is an
ERP system that encourages process facilitation and betters the whole improvement procedure.

 The growth and development in this sector is guided by the Odoo ERP system can be turned
into an adequate opportunity to increase the status of the market footprint.

How does it work?

Planet-Odoo considers the industry’s needs adequately and offers you reliable and trusted solutions. 

Odoo telecom software solutions, for telecom companies, allow you to increase service quality, allocate more
resources to business opportunities, improve operational performance and make it more acquiescent.

Some of the features which are served by Odoo ERP:

  • Customer module
  • Customer billing system
  • Asset management system
  • Resource scheduling system
  • Service parts planning program
  • Customer management program
  • Finance and regulatory system
  • Sales and distribution module
  • Total quality management system
  • Human resource management