Retail Industry

Plan and manage your warehouse, customers, products, stock,
employees, and various other segments of the retail industry.


Retail business is highly dynamic in nature and has to deal with the constant movement of stock, discounts, or loyalty program
rules applied to numerous products from different categories, multiple product pricing, employees, customers, and much more. 

The situation gets even tougher when organizations deal with multiple storefronts. 

The task of handling a multi-store business with frequently moving stock, different pricing of products,
the high number of employees, management staff, multiple warehouses, etc.

How can we help?

Our Odoo ERP software is a harmonious system that provides a quick, effective,
and reliable management of every single aspect of your retail business. 

The software allows you to run your business properly and efficiently as it offers a centralized, systemized approach
to data collection and business management, increasing satisfaction by enhancing overall productivity.

Planet-Odoo provides an ERP software package that incorporates the functionality of keeping track of inventory,
product orders, loss suppression, workflow management, customer loyalty programs, discounts, and much more. 

All of this makes the Odoo retail ERP system a perfect solution for any retail organization.

How does it work?

Planet-Odoo can serve you with a good retail ERP software implementation and customization that allows a 360 degree
of customization and is easily scalable to attain itself to the size of the organization and its level and scope of operations.

Key features of the ERP for the Retail Industry:

  • Quick Processing Time
  • Handles multiple tenders such as Cash, Card, OnCredit, Gift Voucher, etc.
  • Compatible to various barcode standards such as EAN8, EAN 13, GS1, Internally defined
  • Handles variable weight products based on barcode and scale
  • Can handle multiple decimal digits
  • Push promotions directly to the counter
  • Cash count
  • Integration with touch screen, barcode, receipt printer, barcode label printer, etc.
  • Device management
  • VAT management
  • Commission management
  • Campaign management
  • Fixed assets management