Restaurant management

Manage every step of the restaurant
business efectively.


A restaurant management system helps in converting the restaurant management into an easy, hassle-free, and manageable task.

On-going and never-ending restaurant management business is in need of efficient, smart management
software to enhance their profitability by showcasing the potential of their best business execution and standard.

There are a number of problems faced by the industry in terms of management like managing the records,
the record of the employees, records of the purchased goods, sales orders and discount vouchers, and POS system, and much more.

How can we help?

Your restaurant management will become more effective and easier to handle with Planet-Odoo by using Odoo ERP.

Planet-Odoo helps the restaurant management by making it more attainable by providing the Odoo restaurant management
software with powerful features like POS system, barcode scanner, swiping machine, cash drawer box, integration with inventory
and accounts modules that make the Odoo restaurant software the best accounting and POS software for restaurants.

Planet-Odoo Business Analytics for restaurants allows you to analyze the data and helps you in
optimizing operations, and control costs to increase revenue.

How does it work?

With Planet-Odoo restaurants Management ERP allows you to analyze the data and also helps you in optimizing
operations to control costs increase revenue and manage all the work with the complete track.

Key Features of Odoo ERP for Restaurant Business:

  • Product description picture and product properties
  • Dish queue with a touch screen interface
  • Customer and loyalty points analysis, POS
  • Cashbox management and credit card payment tracking
  • Waiter attendance management and time tracking
  • Various analytical reports with graphical presentation
  • Pre-defined restricted access for waiter manager and admin
  • Payroll management and tablet-based order generation
  • Full touchscreen interface
  • Customer Reservation
  • Waiting queue and table allocation
  • Join/split tables
  • Automatic Menu Generation by category
  • Product customization on order
  • Inventory management for the raw material per dish
  • Kitchen receipt management