Dec 17, 2021

Overview of Odoo V15 Timesheet Module | Planet Odoo


Odoo : Odoo is a Business Management Software which includes CRM, Billing, Sales, Purchase Manufacturing, Accounting, Warehouse, Project Management, Inventory Management, and E-Commerce. Odoo – open source ERP is the leading open-source solution and it was released under the AGPL license.

Odoo Timesheet Module : Odoo provides a number of modules that can be used to monitor and manage tasks and employee time. The Odoo Project module will help you manage your projects effectively.

The Odoo timesheet in its basic function is a time-tracker. A standout feature of the Odoo timesheet is its accessibility. Available on chrome store, apple store, and google play, Odoo timesheet offers us the ease of working on any device, anywhere. 

Project Timesheet in Odoo is a useful feature for all businesses. Each employee can record their day by day works on time sheets. Each employee can encode and follow their time spent on the diverse assignments and furthermore, this encourages the entire group to analyze the absolute time spent for that specific task and also compute the rest of the days to finish the work.

The functionality of the Timesheets comes under Project, Employees and HR modules. Since Timesheets are created based on project, task, and leaves, one can also add timesheet cost for each employee.

The users can create a time schedule for each task or sub-tasks in projects. This can be done easily in Odoo by using the Timesheet module.

While analyzing the timesheet, the end user gets to know about billable hours, billable amount, unvoiced amount and so forth. To enable this property, go to Apps and install the Timesheets module.

You can see in the above highlighted screenshot, the timesheet module is already installed for me. You can install this just by clicking on the install button.

There is one more way to use the timesheet module. The other way is to go to the Project Module > Configuration > Setting > Enable Timesheets.

The module can be used to time the various assignments and tasks created in Odoo projects. When designing Projects, we must allow the timesheet functionality. This enables us to log time and monitor it on the project’s timesheet. We must also enable billable in order to invoice customers for time and materials.

Now let’s see how it works. Go to the Timesheet Module.

Timesheets :  As you can see in the above screenshots, there are two types of timesheets.

  1. My Timesheets : When you click on my timesheet, you can see your entire timesheet throughout the project. You can see this in the screenshot below.

You may add a new line to the Odoo timesheet to monitor and track the time spent on different tasks and projects.

  1. All Timesheets : Managers would be able to see all of their workers timesheets by going to timesheets > all timesheets. From the pivot view or the list view, the manager will export all employees’ timesheets as a spreadsheet.

Validate : You can validate your timesheet by week or month. The validate menu allows a manager to validate an employee’s timesheet. We can validate all timesheets for all under-managed workers, or we can filter the employees and validate only selected timesheets.        

                                                                              By Week

                                                                                By Month

Reporting : You can check reporting of timesheet: 

By Employees, 

By Projects, 

By Tasks, 

By Billing Type

  1. By Employees : If you select this option then you can see every employee timesheet report. A timesheet for each employee can be found under-reporting -> by the employee. For the month, week, or any filter array, a brief description of employee time is displayed. 
  1. By Projects : If you select this option then you can see the timesheet of every project listed in the database. Timesheet reporting focused on projects can be interpreted as under-reporting -> by the project. 
  1. By Task : If you select this option then you can see the timesheet of every task. A task-based timesheet tracks how much time is spent on each project’s individual tasks. 
  1. By Billing Type : If you select this option you can see the timesheet of every billing type. Timesheets by billing form would show the amount of time spent on billable and nonbillable activities, as well as the amount of time spent. 

As you can see in the above screenshot there are 3 types of billing.

If you select Billed at a Fixed price then you can see this 

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