Our Team


Our management team includes a team of passionate professionals and technical geeks who constantly strive to take your business venture to new heights. With advanced reporting and real-time analytics, we ensure the open-source solutions deployed by our team actually help you maximize the return on interest and earn profits. Our team is comprised of a Project Manager, a Business Analyst, and our technical and functional developers who together will analyze, implement, develop, real-time analytics, and customize your need to provide you with the best solution. Our company’s goodwill is a reflection of the team’s performance and hence we work as a single unit to deliver the best output within the stipulated time frame and budget. 

We maintain transparency, openness and bring out the best result and quality service that bring immense value to our clients. We shall provide an energetic, professional and meritocratic work environment where employees look forward to contributing, innovate, learn and become experts in the process.  Our team members have the full support of the leadership and management teams to learn, try new things, and help others improve. 

Our team manages strong coordination with each of the clients, each person works alike with equal inputs on every project assigned thus ensuring that the best gets delivered every time from the covering of Planet Odoo solutions. With Planet Odoo Team services you get not only the confidentiality of our team but also the knowledge that because of this internal information exchange, every problem in your project will be solved in a professional way, according to best practices.