How do we operate?


When it comes to the best solution you can completely rely on planet-odoo for proficient service and making your business as managed as you want by implementing Odoo ERP with specific support.

Now the question arises of what we do and how do we provide solutions?

Planet-Odoo, one of the leading companies of Odoo in India, ready partners of odoo an open-source ERP officially and easy hassle-free solution provider for your company Odoo ERP planet-Odoo works in a systematic workflow and in a very cost-effective manner to give you a promising service with efficient work. With Planet-Odoo you will experience great service and a complete support solution for your ongoing problems and difficulty after the completion of the project as well

Planet-odoo has a great team of technical developers and a project manager.

Requirement and analysis:
Initial in-depth analysis and research of the requirement with the help of intelligent business tools take place, where a deep study of the requirement takes place that helps to understand the clear mindset of the client.

Feasibility study:
A feasibility test of the requirement takes place to analyze the complete requirement and duration study.

Design, drafting:
After completing the feasibility test, a final design is prepared by using smart tools and grafting of the design takes place.

Coding and developing:
Now, the development team starts developing the solution according to design and prepares a reliable solution by coding.

Installation and deployment:
Installation and deployment of the coded solutions take place on the server and then the analysis is done.

Testing and training:
In the testing phase, we test every component to make sure that our solution fits the requirement. And in the training phase, we provide functional and technical training to the client and their company employees.

Service Support:
We provide service support to the client for the next 1 month after the completion of the project and paid service support after one month of free service support.

We are always happy to help, Planet-Odoo provides a promising relationship with the
client during the project as well as after the completion of the project.