Odoo HR


Creating Employee
If the employee is timesheet base employee than it is compulsory to assign the related user.


In Employee Basis, you need to select which type of employee he/she is and if it is Shift worker you need to check Shift Worker check box.
Select Analytic Account for a particular employee.


Create Contract for Employee Alex
If Employee is timesheet base than check Timesheet based employee and selects scheduled 
pay then select salary structure according to employee type

Select Meal allowance Amount


Creating Timesheet
Now Creating Timesheet for Alex base on Project
Ordinary Shift
Afternoon Shift
Night Shift
Saturday Shift
Sunday Shift
For Meal Break check Meal Break checkbox and add the number of days for Meal Break


Creating Public Holiday for Employees


Create Payslip
Now Create payslip for Alex select Employee and Pay calendar according to timesheet hours will come to payslip and after click on compute Sheet button If timesheet filled any public holiday than it won’t come in the respective shift but it will come in ‘Public Holiday ’ Salary rule.

For create, payslip in batches click on menu Payslip Batches and create the batch and select employee and click on button Generate Payslip button it will create payslip for all the Employee which are selected in that particular batch.


Confirm Payslip
After confirm button journal entries will create for payslip it will show in accounting Information.


If we click on accounting entry it will show all journal entry for that particular payslip and it will also show analytic account which we selected in Employee.


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