Oct 18, 2021

Odoo accounting in V15 | Planet Odoo

Odoo version 15 is back with another set of phenomenal features. The Odoo accounting in version 15 includes some of the top-notch utilities. In addition to the previous remarkable features, new methods are set to make your taxing and invoice preparation process super easy and fast.

Let us try to understand the new Odoo accounting features in a simple way! Multiple challenges can be handled with new features inbuilt in version 15.

Account Receivables & Smooth Invoicing process

Management of multiple invoices from different sources can complex the process of accounting. With the new OSS Regulation, you can regulate different VAT numbers from different countries with a single click.

See the steps below to understand in a better way.

Click on the Accounts application

Click on New Invoices on the Customer invoices box to check the difference

Here you’ll see different sales with details

Here you can see that for the Euro invoice, the VAT identification number would automatically be following Euro. Also, the PDF reflects the taxes specific to inconvenient Fully-integrated Euro.

Similarly, the Spain invoice is as per the Spanish requirements with a unique VAT ID number. The taxes applied are as per Spain.

How to configure?

Click on Configuration-Settings

Select the new feature named “EU Intra-community Distance Selling.” It will automatically create an invoice process for each participating country.

Click on Configuration-Fiscal position to check the invoices for different countries

Click on any to see the configuration.

Here the Fiscal position of Italy is shown. The applied taxes are automatically included in the invoice PDFs.

How to create a new Fiscal position?

Click on Create

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-111-1024x413.png

Add all the details. Click on “Click here to the taxes for this country”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-112-1024x477.png

Add new taxes as per your requirement


Check reports in easy steps.

Click on Reporting-Tax Report

Filter reports based on your needs

Read reports for each participant country

Account Payables & managing incoming documents

Manage your incoming documents and become fully paperless with an automated management process. Artificial intelligence reduces the manual input and automates the management of bills.

Click on Documents

All the invoices in PDF format are displayed in the workspace

Check the documents, add details, extract information from the database, and much more in convenient steps.

Fully integrated document management with AI for:

  • Asset management
  • Automated PO matching
  • OCR on customer invoices
  • Cut offs in 1 click

Reconciliation of multiple bank transactions

The 15th version of Odoo has an integrated mechanism to manage various payment providers and keep an overview by type. It enables quick reconciliation of all the different types of transactions automatically. It uploads Bank transactions in real-time from multiple banks all over the world.

It helps you to:

  • Synchronize more than 25,000 banks in real-time
  • All payment providers linked to a single bank journal

Go to Customers and click on Payments

The list of different payment types appears

You can add the bank account

Click on Reconcile Items for Bank account reconciliations

The simple steps would lead to a successful reconciliation in a short time.

Congrats, you’re done reconciling!

Closing entries & transform the closing period

This feature allows the users to easily close and obtain different VAT statements. It enables management of provisions in different periods and automatically closes entries. Also, in a very short time, month-end accruals are created.

It aids in:

  • Creating different VAT reports in a single company
  • Automated monthly accruals based on sales and purchase order

Go to Tax report and click on Closing Entry

To create automatic entries, click on Accounting- Purchases

Select the accounts and Click on Action. Select automatic entries.

Perform more tasks using the new feature. Simplify your accrual preparation needs.

Reporting & updating complicated management reports

Make the multi currency management process simple with this new feature of the latest version. You can Easily update the reports after every single change and collaborate in real-time. Carry out complex calculations based on management needs.

Click on reporting and then click on and realized currency gains/losses

The list of unrealized currencies appears, now click on reporting and aged receivables for more details.

Go back to the accounting dashboard click on reporting, and click on invoice analysis.

You can perform analysis on the different invoices by applying certain parameters as shown below.

Click on apply and the data would be presented in a tabular form. You can insert this data into a spreadsheet for further manipulations.

The spreadsheet allows the user to create different graphical forms such as bar graphs and pie charts for a better understanding of invoice data.

This way, you can keep a tab on the details of the invoice by customer and by-product.

This new feature integrates spreadsheets that are fully automated for reporting, updated in real-time. It can be collaborated and shared with other members.

Final words

Certainly, this latest version of Odoo accounting has integrated much-needed features for easy accounting. Many companies across the world can utilize these tools for simplified management of invoices and report preparation.

The usage of new features might appear complicated in the beginning. However, with regular use, accountants will find it user-friendly. Odoo accounting version 15 has some dynamic, multipurpose, and advanced accounting features.

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