Odoo MRP

Plan and manage your company’s production. 
From the warehouse to the customer.

Planet-Odoo provides:

Manufacturing management for medium and large manufacturing companies requires a systematic solution.

To manage all your manufacturing processes you need an effective system.

This can only be achieved by a good Manufacturing ERP Software integrated with modules like Sales, Purchase, Inventory Management, and Accounts. Integrating and connecting multiple platforms is expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient
but here at Planet-Odoo, we integrate all this under one roof using Odoo ERP.

Our manufacturing requirements planning system (MRP) is easy to use, with an intuitive user interface that manages complex
production processes, making it easy to implement and manage production assembly, production routes,
work centers, and also help in tracking the product through the manufacturing process.

Benefits of implementing our systems


Odoo is an open-source ERP software, which means no license fees!


Odoo ERP implements quickly, and it works well with both small
and medium-sized businesses and not just enterprises.


It also comes in many modules that we can add
according to the requirements of the company.


Odoo ERP provides you with an all-inclusive software package that allows
 you to track your production, marketing, HR, accounting, and much more! 

Our Odoo ERP implementation
service includes:

Schedule the production

Manage the production

Assign a responsible task for production

Easily manage production orders according to sales

Manage sales

Manage customers and communication

After the implementation of the Manufacturing module You will get the following:

A real-time view that helps manufacturers to make correct decisions by using the data

Categorized data, enabling effective management of the production

Managing production either by work order or by manufacturing order

Master Production Schedule (MPS) which enables scheduling the production

Manufacturing module in Odoo ERP enhances the features by providing:

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) a module that helps in managing engineering changes, versions, and documents

Propper maintenance by checking preventive and corrective maintenance schedule

Using Master Production Schedule to create procurements based on forecasts

Manage quality control points, checks, and measures