Customer service is the key factor in any business maintaining customer-company relationships. Planning and managing product maintenance, installation, etc. can be time-consuming. Odoo introduced Field Service Module for field workers in the industry to keep track of various components like Inventory Management, Scheduling, Vehicle tracking, Customer portals and much more of Field Operations.

Odoo Field service management (FSM) is a very useful tool which helps companies to manage and track their onsite works or services effectively. Onsite services like field work, repairing services, delivery of products, installation, construction etc. can be tracked and managed using odoo’s FSM software.

This module makes it simple to keep track of the services a company provides to its clients. After acquiring a product or service from a firm, the customer may require expert assistance in order to fully comprehend the product’s or service’s appropriate operation.

This module will assist you in creating new field service tasks, assigning personnel to the task, recording timesheets for each employee, monitoring task progress, invoicing time and material to the concerned customer, and many other duties.

Features of FSM (Field Service Management) :

  • Effective inventory management & updating the stocks automatically.
  • Electronic singing of reports.
  • Invoicing for the services.
  • Providing Quotation
  • Designing custom worksheet.
  • Create and schedule Tasks/Appointments.
  • Planning-by user, by project, by worksheet.
  • Assign tasks to employees.
  • Track the working hours on tasks.

Benefits of Odoo Field Service Management Module :

  • Use the app onsite from anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile Friendly.
  • Increased customer Satisfaction.
  • Save time and money.
  • Efficient-planning and multi-project management.

The main menu of the module offers access to all tasks, divided into the tasks of the respective user as well as the tasks of all users. Thus each user has an overview of his tasks on the one hand, it offers executives the possibility to keep an eye on all tasks. The gantt display of all orders as well as the reporting of the module enable the planning and evaluation of the tasks. The configuration menu offers the possibility of general settings as well as the creation of projects and products.

To use this module first you have to install this module from the instance. Field service module is already installed for me, so I will just click on the icon of that.

In this module’s menu, you’ll find several additional configuration options for improving the module’s performance. For various field service jobs, you can use these tools to generate projects, stages, worksheet templates, goods, and tags. You can configure these options on the task while creating a new task in this module. 

From the above image you can see the dashboard of the Field service module. It has My tasks, all tasks, planning, reporting and configuration section.

Once you open the Field Service App in Odoo, You can see all the tasks chronologically arranged in Kanban’s view. You can also check other views like Map View, Calendar View, List View, Gantt View  and see activities which are scheduled. 

You can view task details by clicking on it, You can Edit it and make whatever changes you want to make and save it.

Let’s create a task in the Field Service Module : For this click on the create button as you can see from the above image.

Fill up the name of the task you want in ‘Title’. While selecting the customer, you can provide only the address of the service point to the employee if the customer wishes to remain anonymous. To do this, just select the customer and erase the name of the ‘Customer’ field to do this and click ‘Save’ after entering details on all the required fields. 

The timesheet option below the details of the task helps you to analyze the work completed. 

It shows you the initially planned hours, progress of the work and hours spent on the particular task. After starting the task you can click on the START option situated at the top left corner. This will start the timer. You can pause the timer by clicking the Pause button and press Stop when the task is completed. This time is recorded in the timesheet. You can view all the time recordings along with total Hours Spent and Remaining Hours.

After completing the task you can press the Mark as done button. Create Invoice option will appear. By pressing Create Invoice you will be redirected to the invoice generating page. 

After saving this form your task is created as you can see in the screenshot below.

Map : You can find Map also in the service field module. 

Field service module > My tasks > Map.

From the above screenshot you can see the google map related to task 1 and two radiator installations.

When you click on task 1 you can see the map related to it and you can choose to view google map also for your convenience.

All Tasks : When you click on all tasks tab you can see the all task, to schedule and to invoice option. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

When you click on all tasks you can see the list of tasks which are already created. For reference you can see the screenshot below.

This list view provides details about the Title, Worksheet Template, Project, Customer, Assignees, Company, Start Date, End Date, Next Activity, and Tags of the task. The Create icon is also available from here for creating new tasks.

To schedule : Under the ‘To Schedule’ platform, you’ll find a list of the tasks that need to be scheduled for the upcoming dates.

It also has a create button, with the help of this you can create a new schedule also.

You can fill in the details and save the form. When you start working then you can click on the start button and when it’s done you will click on the stop button.

To invoice : By selecting the ‘To Invoice’ option, you’ll be redirected to a platform that will list all tasks to generate invoices.

Right now there is no invoice created, so we can create a new with the help of the create button.

You can fill in the details and save the form.  This way you can manage and handle tasks in the Field service module.

Odoo Field Services module is the perfect tool for your field service sector. It coordinates and makes your job easier. As there are many opportunities arising in field works, Odoo Field Services is the best choice for managing them. 
I hope this information is helpful for you and if you like to read more blogs written by us click on the Planet-Odoo

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