How to Log in with employee in Odoo 13 POS

How to Log in with employee in Odoo 13 POS

In Odoo Point of Sale application, you can manage multiple cashiers. The seller can set the security pin/password and barcode badge for the particular cashier from the back end.  In Odoo 13 POS now you can add multi employees on session. In this Blog, you are going to discuss “How to Log in with employee in Odoo 13 POS”.

First of all, you can install the Point of Sale module in your database.


First of all, you can create a user for Point of Sale from the Settings -> Users menu. At that time you can assign the access rights for the user. After the user is created, you can start POS sessions.

To Set up log in with employees

Whenever you want to enable the Login with employees option,  Now go to PoS- > Settings and tick the checkbox of the login with employees option. At that time, you can add the employees.




Now go to the dashboard and create a new session by clicking on the ‘New Session’ button.


After clicking on the New Session button now you have looked two options here :
1.) Scan your badge
2.) Select Cashier



At the same time, you click on the select cashier button, a new window will have appeared which will display the list of cashiers.  Now you can easily change the cashier name by clicking on the name.  At that time you can switch to another cashier.


After selecting the name of the cashier from the list. At that time the order window will appear on the screen. Now you can view the name of the cashier in the window.



At that time, you can choose the name of the customer by click on the customer button then select the payment button.



In the payment mode, you can select the one payment method like Cash/Bank. Now you can enter the bill amount then click on the Validate button.



Then you can view the complete receipt and it includes the cashier name and click on the Next Order button.


Now you can view the order of that session by clicking on the Orders button to see the orders.



Now you can validate and close the session via clicking on the Validate Closing & Post Entries button.


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