Human Resource management module and recruitment process in version 15 is another important app of Odoo ERP software. 

Recruitment module is an important function of any organization as it manages selecting the proper candidate that offers you with proper talent recruited for the position. 

In Odoo Recruitment process is a process of identifying the job vacancy, analyzing the job requirements, reviewing applications, screening, shortlisting and selecting the right candidate. The first and foremost process of the recruitment plan is identifying the vacancy. 

This area allows the firm to define recruitment stages, such as first interview, second interview, etc. It tracks individual applications of positions, which can be in one of the defined stages at any point in time. Degrees or qualifications can also be defined in this area, which can be assigned to applications.

In human resource management, “recruitment” is the process of finding and hiring the best and most qualified candidate for a job opening, in a timely and cost-effective manner and the description is very important for a successful recruitment process. 

In this blog I will explain how you can use the Recruitment Module in V15.

To use this module first you have to install this module from the database.

From the above image you can see that the Recruitment module is already installed for me. Now click on the Recruitment module icon and open the dashboard.

Above image is the dashboard of the Recruitment module. On the dashboard you can see all the job positions. This is the place where you can see all the existing job vacancies. The company will be hiring employees based on these job positions.

This later ties into recruitment. This menu is only accessible to HR managers.

The job overview gives us an overview of all job postings and their status. We can therefore see at a glance whether the job advertisement is currently vacant and published on the company’s own website. In addition, it shows how many positions are to be filled and how many applications have already been received for the job. In addition to the standard filter and grouping function, we can easily filter the jobs by assigned company and internal contact person.

Here we can see that some of the job positions have a ribbon with the title Published. That means these job positions have been published on the website. 

You can edit the job position which is already posted or you can create a new one with the help of the “Create Button”.

How to create a new job position : There are two methods to create a job position.

  1. You can directly click on the Create button which is shown in the dashboard.
  2. You can go to the configuration tab and click on the job positions.

When you click on the job positions button you can see all the existing job positions. You can also view the number of current employees, expected new employees, etc.

After clicking on the create button you can start adding all the information about the job position which includes Job recruitment position, department, job location, expected employee, responsible person, job description etc. After filling all the information you can click on the save button. As shown in the below image.

You can also see the job position in the dashboard where you can see all the details such as number of applications, new applications etc.

We can add company details, the website address, department, job location, email address, expected new employees, contract template, interview form and recruiter details here.

As a HR manager you have already assigned the job for Odoo developer and now you can track everything from the dashboard. You can also edit or change the status as you fulfill the position.

Once we start the job vacancy creation we can view the status as Recruitment in progress. 

You can also see the job position on your Odoo website by clicking on the Go to website button. Now click on the Website button.

If there is any Odoo developer who would like to apply for the given job position can click on the Apply button as shown in the screenshot above.

Once the applicant clicks on the apply button he/she can fill out all the detailed information such as name, email id etc and also attach his/her resume. After clicking on the submit button the application will be submitted to the HR manager.

After clicking on the Submit button, applicant get a message of application sent in Odoo.

We can return to the Applications page to see the application. Now let’s come to the dashboard.

From the above screenshot you can see the details of one applicant. Now click on the Application button.

We can open this application and schedule interviews or carry out other activities. 

On the above screenshot you can see the various options like Generate Offer, Create Employee, Refuse etc.

We can schedule an interview with the candidate and make the candidate sign the contract.

The Generate Offer link option is used to send an offer letter to the candidate. Once the candidates approve the offer he can sign a contract. 

Create an employee option that can be used once the candidate is selected and is being appointed as an employee.

we have an option to refuse the application. This can be due to many reasons. We can create and manage refuse reasons also with Odoo.

Defining the refusal reason in Odoo : You can create various refusal reasons as per your company choice. To create a new reason click on the create button and add a reason.

This is how the Odoo V15 Recruitment module works. I hope this blog will help you to understand the workflow of the Recruitment module. To read more blogs kindly visit Planet-Odoo

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