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Odoo 11 Features (Community Edition) With beautiful design and Amazing UX Odoo 11 has been launched. And you will find the below improvement in Odoo 11 Community edition which is not available on Odoo 10.   Improved blazing fast i.e. loading speed is 3 times faster than Odoo 10. Reminders for Scheduled activities. Beautiful Kanban […]

With beautiful Kanban view and improved Odoo Chatterbox what else features or improvement do we see in Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition?   Fit for every screen whether it is for Phone, Tablet, Laptops, Large Screens. And same feature applicable for Community Edition as well.   New iOS Application (for iPhone and iPads) – Super Fast […]

Odoo(open source ERP technology) it is fully functional ERP system used to manages all the resources of entire business. Odoo Core is an open source comes under LGPLv3. This is a high-performance system that works really great for different verticals of company. Currently Odoo version 11 is trending which has covered all modules with more […]

Odoo HR Module  includes a generic payroll engine that handles everything like: Employee Details Employee Contracts Passport based Contract Allowances/Deductions Allow configuring Basic/Gross/Net Salary Employee Payslip Monthly Payroll Register Integrated with Holiday Management You can easily manage your company payroll by using this HR Module in Odoo ERP. 1. Searches for eligible applicants from inside […]

Odoo 11 has been out with loads of new features and more stable version. With the features of New usability, New design, Report templates, Dashboards to the mobile user interface which has been improved. Planet-Odoo provides the various services in respect of Odoo 11 Enterprise Edition. In the below link, find out the features or […]

Odoo POS Discount In Odoo POS we have come up with the customization in POS discount. Discounts can be created as Fixed Discount, Discount on total(percentage based) and Discount fixed on the total. By default in Odoo Point of Sale, a discount is applied individually to every product instead of the total amount. Using this module […]

Odoo POS Refund This module support for Return Orders of products on the screen of POS Odoo. Sometimes we have many customers who come back and return order. We have customized POS module to allow the refund, which has the feature to return order at ease and in a more convenient manner with allied features: […]

Odoo 10 POS Gift Voucher This module is used to generate or create a coupon on Point of Sale order. How it works: 1.  Create the journal for the coupon and configure or gift coupon option.   2. After record saved close all the previous sessions of POS and start the new session.   3. […]

  Creating Employee If the employee is timesheet base employee than it is compulsory to assign the related user.   In Employee Basis, you need to select which type of employee he/she is and if it is Shift worker you need to check Shift Worker check box. Select Analytic Account for a particular employee.   […]

Leave Management refers to manage leaves of employees or employers in the company. Leave Management in Odoo ERP facilitates various features for maintaining leave in the company and also tracks records related to the type of leave allocation. Any company generally consists of Sick Leaves, Legal Leaves, Compulsory Days, Unpaid, Public Holidays, these are to […]

  CRM is the most important tool required by all size of companies. Odoo CRM comes with many features from client interactions, sales prospects to lead management. Odoo CRM is integrated with other application like Sales, Invoicing, Email marketing, eSignature to provide more features in Odoo CRM.     In this blog, we will discuss more […]

Every retail shop needs Point of Sale system to manage their business. Retailer seeks to find the software which covers all their need of business and can serve everything under a single software. You need to decide which one is closer to your requirement and can really suit your business needs precisely. It should be […]


Odoo V11 Magento Connector Odoo Magento connector enhances the features of Magento into making eCommerce businesses run more effectively by simplifying and automating various processes. Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms and Odoo is one of the fastest-growing ERP systems and when both Magento and Odoo ERP combined, you can process your […]

The Instagram module used to fetch photos from Instagram and Upload it to Odoo Website. 1. Login to Instagram account. 2.  After login, you got the Client ID and Secret key then go to the website admin and filled this to get access token. 3. Fill all the details and then click on Get Token […]

Every business seeks to find the software which covers all their needs and make their business profitable. Similarly, for Restaurant business, a good POS system is required which helps them in properly functioning of work from table management to inventory management. Restaurants come in so many varieties, and each one has its set of needs. […]


Enterprise Resource Planning nowadays is important to implement for every type of business vary from its size. In today’s business landscape, no business is too small for an ERP solution. ERP allows small businesses to appear, act and operate like an enterprise-scale business. An ERP can be implemented across several industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Human Resources, […]

POS with Serial Number and Expiry Date   1. Add Product with Lot number, expiry date, and quantity in the purchase order.   2. The same lot will be saved in Serial Number as the record.   3. The quantity we can see here.   4. In the Stock moves also we can refer the lot number after processing […]

Odoo Manufacturing Manufacturing module in Odoo manage all manufacturing related activities. For any product to get manufactured we can attach bills of material which consists of complete details of the required to manufacture the product. Features of Odoo OpenERP Manufacturing management: ~ Gives a real-time view that helps manufacturers to make correct decisions by using […]