Advance Manufacturing Development in Odoo

In Manufacturing Module we have developed advance manufacturing options such as:
1. Total Bill of Materials Cost

2. Bill of materials Structure Creation
3. Work Order Creation
4. Work center creation
5. Trace-ability
6. Planning of Manufacturing orders
7. Start, Pause, Stop and Continue based on barcode scanning
8. Efficiency Calculation


This is Serial Number Trace-ability. Here we can add several dates like:
Best Before Dates: Used for Food Product
End of Life Date: This is an Expiry Date
Removal Date
Alert Date

Here we can create routing where we can add operations, work centers, and activity duration.

Each Work Station has a certain parameter for efficiency calculation. We can add them here:
Efficiency Factor
Overall Equipment Efficiency
Time Before Production
Time After Production

Here we have calculated Total Bill Of Material Cost.

This is a Planned Order where Worker can start Orders by clicking on Start Working Button.

After hitting on Start Working Button we can see 4 more options such as done, pause, block, and scrap.

Here it shows total manufactured quantity.


This is a time tracking to perform this operation.

Here we can check rest of the info for the Orders.





If you want you can undo planned orders.

That’s a Reporting dashboard.

This is Productivity Losses.

Here we can define routing.

Here we can do disassembly of products.

Here we can define work centers.




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